SPEY TAY Engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

SPEY and TAY Engine Solutions

H+S Aviation's affiliate Dallas Airmotive is a leading independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul to Rolls-Royce turbofan engines used for business aviation. With more than 50 years of Spey and 30 years of Tay authorised service, no other independent facility in the industry can match DAI's expertise. DAI has the technology and capability to repair 99% of every Spey and Tay engine in-house at its facility at DFW Airport. Whether it's a need for a major shop visit or on-site repair, contact us whenever your Spey / Tay engines need expert service.


Global Engine Services

  • Overhaul, midlife and calendar inspections
  • Major and minor repairs
  • Engine test cell: 511, 512 and 555 series
  • Component and accessory repair & overhaul
  • Tomcat™ blade-scanning technology
  • Exclusive SmoothJet™ technology to minimise vibration

Quality Benefits

  • CorporateCare® approved
  • 24/7 field service support
  • Technical support
  • Rental engines
  • Goodrich accessory repair authorisation
  • Component and accessory repair and exchange
  • Silver, Gold, and Platinum warranties available


SPEY and TAY Major Aircraft Platforms


Gulfstream GII/IIB/III – Spey 511-8

Fokker F-28 – Spey 555-15

Gulfstream IV/IV SP – Tay 610-8 / 611-8

Gulfstream G300 / G400 – Tay 611-8

Gulfstream G350 / G450 – Tay 611-8C

Fokker F-70 / F-100 – Tay 620-15 / 650-15


Dallas Airmotive DFW Airport

2988 W. Walnut Hill Lane
DFW Airport, TX 75261
Tel: +1 214.956.3001
Fax: +1 214.956.2825

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“As an OEM authorised facility, it delivers the highest quality standards, always willing to look for alternatives for customers regarding materials and repairs. Good customer service.”

— Customer Satisfaction Survey Response

The H+S Aviation and Rolls-Royce Partnership

H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive have been servicing Rolls-Royce engines since 1967. For the Spey & Tay engines, Dallas Airmotive offers unmatched capabilities, providing full service on the engines that power Gulfstream and Fokker jets around the world.

As a leading independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul to Rolls-Royce turbofan engines used for business aviation, we provide rapid response to customers around the globe whether it's a need for an overhaul, mid-life visit or repair. DAI's in-house capabilities include parts restoration, component and accessory overhaul, including fuel control systems.

With the largest field service network in the industry, we can dispatch technicians anywhere they are needed to get you back in the air faster.

When you need service for your Spey or Tay engine, contact the industry leaders for OEM-approved support.

SPEY and TAY Powered Airframe OEMs We are Proud to Support

OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Gulfstream
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Fokker