We Know Engines. Because It’s All We Do.

H+S Aviation and sister company Dallas Airmotive, are OEM-certified and dedicated to providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services for small gas turbine and turbofan engines used in aviation. Our authorisations cover the majority of turbine engine models powering fixed and rotary wing aircraft used for business aviation, and many of the engines used in government, military and commercial applications.

The benefits of using an independently operated OEM-authorised service facility are represented through our global support network, use of new OEM-approved parts, and serviceable material personalised service, OEM-trained technicians, access to current maintenance manuals and aircraft engine technical support - backed by the expertise we have developed over more than 70 years in service to aviation.

Authorised on 80% of Business Aviation and 65% of the World’s Rotorcraft Markets

Providing Expert Engine MRO Service Around the Globe

We are committed to delivering the highest-levels of quality and personalised service where you need us – when you need us. We operate five major overhaul facilities, 9 Regional Turbine Centres (RTCs), two parts supply companies, and our F1RST Support Field Service network with 27 dispatch locations around the world. All of our locations and personnel deliver unparalleled support and technical expertise to power your aircraft’s optimal engine performance.

  • Largest independent OEM-authorised engine MRO provider
  • Most field service technicians in the industry
  • 24/7 global coverage to keep your aircraft flying safely
  • Industry-leading turn times to get your fleet back in the air fast
  • Competitive pricing to help maximize your aircraft investment

Built for Your Benefit

State-of-the-Art Engine Service Centres

  • 5 Overhaul facilities
  • In-house component & parts repair
  • 3 Testing centres
  • 1,100 engines serviced annually

Regional Turbine Centres with Express Services

  • 9 global locations strategically situated to serve you
  • Quick turn and customised services
  • 1,400 engines serviced annually

F1RST Support Field Service Network

  • Quick response and global coverage
  • AOG, on-wing repairs, troubleshooting
  • 5,000+ service calls annually

Powering Safe Flight Through Proactive Maintenance Solutions

Every H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive team member has a single mission; to provide maintenance solutions and perform the necessary, preventative engine MRO services that help ensure safe flights for our customers and their passengers everywhere. We have over 1,000 team members with an average of 20 years industry experience. From best practices to prolong in-service component life to training programs that provide the most up-to-date engine maintenance education, our companies have the engine experts the aviation community trusts.