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H+S Aviation is a business operating unit of BBA Aviation plc, a worldwide aviation services company headquartered in London, England. BBA Aviation’s Aftermarket Services Division integrates the experience and expertise of the world’s top engine service companies into a comprehensive, globe-spanning network that is dedicated to providing around-the-clock aircraft maintenance support no matter where you operate an aircraft.

BBA Aviation

BBA Aviation (BBA.L), is a leading aviation support and aftermarket services provider, operating a global network of companies dedicated to delivering value through a comprehensive range of services and innovative solutions to their customers.

BBA Aviation serves two primary markets—Aftermarket Services and Flight Support. Our Aftermarket Services businesses service, manufacture and support engines

and aerospace components, sub-systems and systems. Our Flight Support businesses deliver refueling, ground handling and other services to the business, general and commercial aviation markets.

BBA Aviation’s overarching objective to deliver exceptional, long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders is shared by all Group businesses.Learn more about

Global Engine Services

H+S Aviation, together with BBA Aviation’s Global Engine Services (GES) companies have strong and established relationships with all of the major engine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our expert technicians are authorised to support 80% of engines powering the B&GA fleet and over 65% of engines powering the rotorcraft fleet.

Key Services Include

Full engine overhauls, Scheduled engine repairs, On-wing in-field repairs, Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG), Engine accessory parts, Component repair

H+S Aviation A BBA Aviation company
Dallas Airmotive A BBA Aviation company
International Turbine Service A BBA Aviation company
IGS A BBA Aviation company
W.H. Barrett Turbine Engine Company A BBA Aviation company

Flight Support

The world’s largest fixed base operation (FBO) network for B&GA users with around 200 locations covering key destinations in North America, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Signature TECHNICAir’s world-class MRO services are available in 16 strategic US destinations and at Bournemouth and London-Luton, UK.

Legacy Platform Support

A leading provider of high-quality equipment and cost-effective solutions for the continuing support of maturing and legacy aerospace platforms.

BBA Aviation Vision, Mission & Values

At BBA Aviation, we have a vision on which we focus every day: To be a dynamic, world-class supplier to the global aerospace industry, continuously delivering exceptional performance. We strive to realize our vision through our mission: To grow exceptional, long-term, sustainable value for all our stakeholders through:

BBA Aviation
  • Exceeding customer expectations and competitor offerings.
  • Continuously improving market-leading and innovative businesses.
  • Working together for greater gain.
  • Being an employer of choice for empowered individuals in a safe and sustainable environment.
  • Always behaving with integrity and respect.

Our mission is exemplified through the values we practice.