TFE731 Engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

TFE731 Engine Solutions

The world’s most popular turbofan engine deserves the world’s best support. With H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive, you get just that. We are OEM authorised on key Honeywell engine platforms for business jet applications. H+S Aviation provides the EMEAI region with 24/7 line maintenance and field support, while our major overhaul facility in Dallas, TX is a world-leading supplier of repair and major/heavy maintenance service on the Honeywell TFE731 engine series.


Capabilities include

  • Core Zone Inspections (CZI)
  • Core Zone Repair (CZR)
  • Major Periodic Inspections (MPI)
  • New, serviceable and exchange parts and accessories
  • Engine change (R&R)
  • Component and accessory repair and exchange
  • Engine test cell

Quality Benefits

  • Honeywell approved
  • Rental engines available
  • Engine sales
  • Global support network
  • 24/7 field service support
  • Technical support
  • MSP approved
  • Global rapid mobile response teams


TFE731 Major Aircraft Platforms

Astra 1125 / SP - TFE731-3A-200G / 3C-200G

Citation III - TFE731-3C-100S

Citation VI - TFE731-3B-100

Citation VII - TFE731-4R-2S

Falcon 10 /100 – TFE731-2-1C/2C-1C

Falcon 20-5  - TFE731-5AR-2C/5BR-2C

Falcon 50 – TFE731-3-1C/3D-1C/4-1C

Falcon 50EX - TFE731-40-1C

Falcon 900A / 900B / 900C - TFE731-5AR-1C/5BR-1C

Falcon 900DX/EX/EX Easy/LX - TFE731-60 -1C

Gulfstream G100 / Astra 1125SPX - TFE731-40R-200G

Gulfstream G150 - TFE731-40AR-200G

Hawker 750 / 800XP / 850XP - TFE731-5BR-1H

Hawker 800 / 800A - TFE731-5R-1H

Hawker 900XP - TFE731-50-1H

Hawker HS125-700A - TFE731-3R-1H / 3DR-1H

Jetstar 731 Conversion – TFE731-3-IE

Jetstar II – TFE731-3-1F

Learjet 31 / 31A – TFE731-2-3B / 2C-3B

Learjet 35 / A

Learjet 35A Century III / 36A – TFE731-2-2B / 2C-2B 

Learjet 40 / 40XR / 45 / 45XR - TFE731-20BR-1B / 20AR-1B

Learjet 55/ 55C / 55B - TFE731-3A / -3AR / 3CR

Learjet 70/75 - TFE731-40BR-1B

Sabreliner 65 - TFE731-3R-1D / 3DR-1D

Westwind 1124 / 1 / 2 - TFE731-3-1G / 3D-1G 


H+S Aviation

Robinson Way
Portsmouth, Hampshire
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)23.9230.4000
Fax: +44 (0)23.9230.4020

Dallas Airmotive DFW Airport

2988 W. Walnut Hill Lane
DFW Airport, TX 75261
Tel: +1 214.956.3001
Fax: +1 214.956.2825

St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul Downtown Airport

330 Bravo Lane
St. Paul, MN 55107
Tel: +1 763.656.1600
Fax: +1 651.293.1353

West Palm Beach, Florida

2049 High Ridge Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Tel: +1 561.734.0121
Fax: +1 561.732.6870

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerias

Avendia Professor Magalhães Penido,
n.o 120, Loja 1,
São Luiz, Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerias
CEP 31270-700 - Brazil
Tel: +55 (31).3441.7169
Fax: +55 31.3441.7169


1075 West Camp Road
Seletar Aerospace Park
Singapore 797800
Tel: +65 6483.1819
Fax: +65 6483.1225

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Engine Maintenance Professionalism

“As an OEM authorized facility, it delivers the highest quality standards, always willing to look for alternatives for customers regarding materials and repairs. Good customer service.”

— Customer Satisfaction Survey Response

The H+S Aviation and Honeywell Partnership

H+S Aviation and its affiliate Dallas Airmotive offer full service from field to shop no matter which model of TFE731 you operate, and whether it is MSP-covered or not. Our Honeywell approved Heavy/Overhaul center in Dallas-Fort Worth can provide expert service from MPI to CZR to MPI/CZI.

Our Regional Turbine Centers in Portsmouth, St. Paul, and West Palm Beach in the USA, Belo Horizonte in Brazil and Singapore can perform MPIs and repairs. 

Plus we offer on-site support through our F1RST SUPPORT™ global field service organization available 24/7 to assist with AOG events and technical assistance.

We further support TFE731 operators with parts, exchanges, and engine sales through our affiliate Barrett Turbine Engine Company.

Whatever your TFE731 needs may be, contact us for support!

TFE731-Powered Airframe OEMs We are Proud to Support

OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Dassault
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance -Learjet
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Cessna
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Hawker